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Life is party. So spend that time partying however you want. For us that means designing and producing tabletop games for all to enjoy! We want to make a variety of games that appeal to everyone. Ideas are constantly flowing and being bounced around for new and exciting projects.

It all started a few years ago with a group of art students in Scotland working on a class project together. We wanted to make a game where we could feature hilarious items and monsters so we designed a cooperative dungeon-crawler card game which eventually became “Beasts, Bards, and a Bottle of Whoop-Ass.” Back in Boston, the following year was almost entirely spent designing “Landfall” in order to quench our thirst to make something deeply entrenched in the sci-fi genre. Simultaneous to all these, tons of ideas bubbled up and bounced around along the way, and bit by bit “Crumbs” was designed, and quickly became our most finished game yet.

We look forward to continue designing games and sharing them with the world for all to play!