What It Is

Crumbs is a game reenacting the intense battles that probably occur every day right outside your doorstep. A sweet, innocent little granny has decided to spend the day enjoying the warm and welcoming sun by tossing some breadcrumbs to the local fauna. She remains blissfully unaware, however, of the vicious battles taking place over her precious crumbs.


How It’s Played

Players will take on the role of either the ducks, pigeons, squirrels, or chipmunks. Each group of animals provides its own special abilities while players scuffle over the spaces in the park. Players try to gain the best position before the big crumb drop in which 20 crumbs are dropped onto the board, spreading out at random and turning the tides of power for better, or for worse.


"10/10. I had a fun time being an animal in a park."

— Boston Festival of Indie Games Judge